Happy Friday chicas……. As I sat down this morning grubbing on some breakfast, I realized some things that made me chuckle a bit. The first is that awhile ago I dropped my product junky habit, or so I thought, and I was all like “I’m doing well today, no worries about hair items because I know what my hair likes (two snaps and a circle)”.  I quickly realized when away from my staples during the holidays that I turned into a product junky whore, stocking up on items, trying the wash and go again which in turn leads me to wanting to purchase more products and just starting that whole vicious cycle once more.

Now let me note that I have nothing against product junkyism and I think if you like trying new products then go out and do so, it’s your money, your hair and it is always fun to experiment. I think that one of the good things about being a product junky is that aside from trying out new items, you can discover that new brand line becomes a staple in your regimen that your hair might have been missing.  Also, it allows you to always have a backup in case your favorite product line changes their formula or discontinues an item( I have mentioned it in the past, it’s always good to have an heir and a spare).

My brief relapse into product junkyhood as allowed me to find a new staple (Shea Moisture brand) ,incorporate some of my beloved (Karens Body Beautifuls) into the mix and also reconnect with old friends (Miss Jessie Curly Pudding is the bomb when it comes to twist outs for my hair, hands down despite the wacky ingredients). Unfortunately it’s also allowed me to temporarily say goodbye to one of my homies (Oyin Handmade) for now.

The overall point is that while product junkyism can be taxing on the pockets, sometimes the good outweighs the bad in the gems that you find along the way.

Have a great weekend!!! :)

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I believe I’ve mentioned it before but I used to be a huge product junky then I weened off of it only to come back when I revisited hair boards and realized what products I was missing out on. Sighhhhhhhhhhh. Anyhoo, I’ve decided to take myself back to my non junky days and keep it simple and I mean real simple. I  believe that experimentation is fun but honestly my goal and my main goal has always been healthy hair (add the words big and long to that as well).  There’s no need for multiple conditioners, multiple shampoos, leave ins, curling products, etc, etc, la dee da di da. I find that the ladies with the best hair normally keep it as simple as possible and for the past couple of weeks I’ve been going back to that mantra.  I want to add that I always think that a natural should follow the royal family’s protocol to have an heir and a spare. LOL. I think you should have your major products and backup because we allllllllllllllll either can tell a story or know a story of someone who has used a product line, loved it to pieces only to have one of the following things happen:

A) The company goes out of business

B) The company discontinues the product

C) The company changes the ingredients of the product (TALKING TO YOU CAROLS DAUGHTER: I miss the old healthy hair butter).

D) The company jacks up the prices so high that the product just isn’t worth it

I could go on and on and on……………….

Now here is what I think every natural should have in her cabinet: (note you should have 2 of each)



leave in

protein treatment (all natural or substitute)


That’s it……………..

As far as shampoo, keep it simple. Always stick with one that works for your strands, forego online options if you’re interested in saving cash and check out your local whole foods or trader joe or vitamin shoppe for some healthy alternatives.  If you don’t mind shopping online then the options are endless. I like Elucence and Karens Body Beautiful.

In my opinion,  your conditioner should double as a rinse out, detangler, deep conditioner, etc, etc. I honestly don’t feel that you need two separate conditioners to get the job done.  If you want more oomph consider adding oils or honey or glycerin or castor oil, etc. My conditioner of choice is Elucence, expensive to some but it lasts so long that it’s economical for me.  For a back up I would consider using Pantene.

Leave In: now this will vary for everyone, some like lightweights and some like leave in’s with a bit of oomph. I fall into the latter, since I wear my hair mainly in braids and twists. If I were a primary wash and go gal then I would stick with the lightweights (i.e: Giovanni, Elucence), add some oil and gel and be good to go. Now in my current routine Oyin Hair Dew and Karens Body Beautiful Complete Hair Conditioner.  I also like leave ins with umph because after I shampoo my hair I just add my leave in, braid, let it sit for awhile and then apply my sealant.

Protein:  Now I’ve tried various protein conditioners and my hair is not a big fan of most of them so I lean towards the subs like henna or cassia (moreso the latter: my hair loves Cassia).

Sealant: So many choices, so many choices but my primary would be natures gate and secondary would be carols daughter mimosa hair honey.

Please note that what I suggest here are products that work for my hair, poke around, try trials sizes (if available) of products to see if they fit into your regimen and then when you find what you want stick with it.  I know it’s tough and I know that seeing your favorite blogger or vlogger try something and rave wholeheartedly about it may seem exciting but jumping on new bandwagons may just cause your pockets to lighten up just a tad bit too much and many times you end up with a product gathering dust on your shelves.

They key is moisture, and at times when you need it strength, once you’ve found your routine, keep it because your hair will thank you.

Until next time………..


Ok I know Fall isn’t quite here yet but it’s close enough so here we go.

What’s up peeps. I haven’t been here in a minute and I know but I’m so lack when it comes to blogging. Here are some updates:

What’s up peeps. I haven’t been here in a minute and I know but I’m so lack when it comes to blogging. Here are some updates:

Fall is almost upon us  and I’m still wigging it but I’m pleased to note that a couple of days ago I purchased some combs from Hercules Sagemann. The 5660 or the Jumbo Rake, the 1975 Styling Comb and the 696 Styling Comb. It’s part of the 3Comb Smooth System. The system is a method of combing wet hair in 3 phases into a smooth state. This process will help create a smooth wet set. After reading about this, I found that I appreciated this system more than attempting to use the Denman which is really popular on the hair boards. I’ve noted before but I have densely packed fine strands of hair and although I detangle my hair with wide tooth combs, I always find that my hair continues to tangle because I haven’t removed all of the shed hairs. I’m hoping that by adopting this sytem it will help. I have tried it on dry hair and so far I like it.
Hair Tools and Products:
Over the summer, I added KeraCare 1st Lather Shampoo to my roster. It was due to the fact that I had been using Carols Daughter Loc Butter and I found that the Jessicurl Gentle Lather shampoo alone was not enough to remove the beeswax. I’ve since stopped using the Loc Butter but continue to use Kercare. I’m also still using the following:
Jessicurl Gentle Lather Shampoo
Jessicurl Weekly Deep Conditioning Treatment
Oyin Whipped Pudding
My new tool which I love to death is my steamer. I originally purchased a Table Top Portable Ozone Facial Steamer and used a trick that I learned on YouTube which was to place underneath my Pibbs dryer to capture the heat. I found that it produced a bit of a mess in my Pibbs so now I use it w/o and  have received fantastic results. I strayed away and decided to try the steamer from Heutiful and found that it was basically the same as my steamer with a cheap and flimsy hood. If you placed water even close to the line it began beeping and also when the steaming was complete and if I wanted to continue and add more water, I could not do it as the steamer would not turn on. For the amount I paid, I expected something better and when I didn’t find it, it was promptly returned. I now continue to enjoy my original tabletop steamer with no issues.

I hope that you all have enjoyed a Merry Christmas and are about to embark on a New Year. I wish you all good health, good wealth and tons of prosperity. I’m back to review a couple of items from two lines. One is Karens Body Beautifuls and the other is Oyin.

Ok let’s start with Oyin. Oyin Handmade is a product line that was created by Jamyla Bennu and her husband Pierre. They are the quirkiest couple and I love their youtube videos. I have tested out their products for a minute now and here are my reviews:

Oyin Honey Hemp Conditioner: Oh how I wanted to love thee and at times I thought I loved thee but in the end you have to go. It’s a creamy conditioner filled with goodies such as coconut oil, organic aloe vera gel, glycerin, etc. I’ve tried it as a pre-shampoo treatment, a rinse out conditioner and a leave in and all of the results have been less than stellar. The reasons why are that #1 I can find a cheaper conditioner to use as a pre shampoo treatment, it tangled my hair something fierce as a rinse out and left my hair sticky and tacky as a rinse out. I’m sorry Honey Hemp but thumbs down.

Oyin Burnt Sugar Pomade: The church can say AMEN on this one because I actually like it. It’s filled with goodies such as castor oil, organic virgin coconut oil, mango seed oil, hempseed oil, cocoa butter and broccoli seed oil. This is a great sealant for my damp hair. I will not and cannot use it on dry hair or else it will do nothing and the scent is heavenly. It lasts for quite some time and I could definitely see myself repurchasing this.

Oyin Funk Butter: Someone call Bootsy Collins and George Clinton and tell them to get their a$$ up in here because we need the funk (if you didn’t catch that then shaking my head, go on you tube and find some music from Bootsy, George and the Parliament). I have been on a quest for an all natural deodorant that would help keep me zestfully clean all day w/o worrying about the funk. Now I have tried numerous deodorants and they have all failed but my man Mr. Funk Butter is the truth!!!! The test for me that helped me to determine that this mutha sucka was a keeper was when I spent 1 1/2 hours in a hot and humid dance studio, shaking my groove thing and not once did I funk up. SAY WHATTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!  A little dab is all that you need with this product but it’s a keeper, I just wish I could purchase it locally.

Ok now it’s time for a review on Karens Body Beautifuls. I can’t recall where I heard about Karen, more than likely the hair boards but since I can be a slight product junky I ventured into her Brooklyn store sometime last year I believe with my mom to check it out. I can recall running into Karen and being blown away by her hair at that time. I mean it was like ridiculously pretty. I can recall that I had just gotten over a bad haircut and when I saw her BAA, I was like looky here girly who hooks your hair up to which she happily obliged. The store is quaint but it’s overflowing with so many products and at the time they were having a sale so I and my mother picked up some Hair Nectar. I can recall trying the Hair Nectar and not being too wowed at that time but then again I cannot recall the way in which I was wearing my hair (wash n go or twists/braid outs) so I really cannot remember why I didn’t feel that the products worked for me. My mother on the other hand loved it.

Fast forward to this year and the buzz for Karen was on the rise again and I decided that I was going to try one more time but this time I was going to go for something with more punch so I purchased the following: 2 Hair Milks, 1 Hair Nectar, Juicy Shampoo Bars and I received the Luscious Hair Mask for free (I happened upon another sale).

The first time that I tried the Hair Milk, I paired it with my Kinky Curly Hair Custard and my hair was singing for joy. The next time and the current way that I use it is mixed with the Elucence Leave In and sealed with the Oyin Burnt Sugar Pomade. My hair is in total love, LOVE I TELL YA!!!!!!! Each night, I remoisturize with the Hair Milk alone and rebraid and in the morning, my hair is thanking me; as a matter of face I received a gift card from my hair to the Cheesecake Factory, SAY WORD!!! One major love about these products are the scents, there are so many to try but what I love about being in the Big Apple is that I can venture into the store and sniff for myself , cuts down on spending $$$. I am in love with the Lavendar Vanilla and Creamy Coco Mango.

Juicy Shampoo Bars: These bars are absolutely fantastic and I love that you just need a small amount. What I do is cut my bars into 4’s. I make sure that my hair is thoroughly drenched and then rub my scalp and strands with the bar. When I rinse it feels squeaky but when I add my conditioner I can literally finger comb my strands.

Hair Nectar: I haven’t tried it again as of yet because I’m still in love with my Hair Milk and I’ve been away so I’ll come back and update this when I’ve thoroughly reviewed it.

Luscious Hair Mask: I had been eyeing this product for awhile but was being a bit stingy because of the cost (it’s $25). Now when the sales clerk in the store mentioned that if I spent $60 that I would receive this for free, I was like okie dokie, let’s get it. I had read conflicting reviews on different sites so I wanted to put this Mask to the ultimate test; condition my hair after a henna treatment. The instructions are correct when it says that you do not have to use a ton (note: I have fine densely packed hair). I took a 1/2 teaspoon to each section of my hair, placed it underneath a shower cap and sat under a heating cap for an hour. When it was time to rinse my hair, it felt so freaking good. I’ve tried it numerous times for the past month and have received consistent results so it’s a product that I will probably stick with, it has replaced my beloved Jessicurl Weekly Deep Conditioning Treatment.

I’m itching to try the Conditioning Shampoo but may have to wait awhile since the Juicy Bars will not be completed more than likely any time this year and I’m trying to hold off on purchasing items that I do not need at this time. At one point I was itching to try the Hair Butter and the Hair Cream but my hair is not a big fan of anything that has Shea in it so I’m holding off.

Ok my readers until next time.

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